Covid and Touring : how to stay clean ?

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Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, bicycles are getting more and more popular all around the world. And Quebec is not an exception.

An Ideal Companion 

Practical and ecological, your bike now has a new important characteristic : It lets you play outside all the while keeping a safe physical distance. And it feels good after so many months inside. Especially because cycling releases endorphins, and on those sunny days it fills you up with the much needed vitamin from the sun. The perfect recipe to be happy, get out of the confinement, and get back into shape.


Moreover, cycling is one of the safest ways to travel this summer. And it is also an original way to discover Quebec’s roads, to take time to visit Ontario, and the opportunity to go solo, with a friend or family members.

Touring and safety

Even on a bike apply these few simple gestures to ensure your safety, and that of others :

  • Keep a physical distance – on the front, back AND on your side ;
  • Have mask and glove, just in case ;
  • disinfectant solution ;
  • Plan enough water for your entire day ride ;
  • Plan your food, or identify restaurants that are on your way ;
  • Choose a paypass credit card ;
  • And don’t forget your repair kit.

You want to learn more about cycling and the Covid ? Vélo Québec has a complete guide on their blog here.


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