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Voyager à vélo inc. offers a vehicle transfer service. With this service, you will find your vehicle at the final destination. To benefit from this service, you must first have a minimum of 3 days of baggage transport service.

How it works?

  1. This service is carried out by experienced operators.
  2. On the morning of your departure, one of our drivers arrives at the meeting point to pick up the keys, the original registration certificate and the proof of insurance.
  3. It drives your vehicle to the final destination on the same day. (Accommodation, parking or private residence…)
  4. The keys, and all the respective documents are returned to you on the same day (towards the end of the afternoon).
  5. Once your bike ride is over, you get your vehicle back

The advantages of conveyance

Simpler -> Your vehicle is waiting for you at the end of your bike ride
More time for you -> No need to return to your starting point and you can even extend your stay in the area.
More economical than our shuttle service.


As long as you entrust us with your vehicle, this service is well supervised and comes with certain prerequisites.
In order to benefit from this service, you must:

  • own the vehicle
  • be insured for all drivers
  • Entrust us with the originals of the registration certificate and the proof of insurance of your vehicle

What is the cost ?

Prices given for information only, for a quote, please contact us:

  • Toronto –> Kingston : 450 $
  • Cobourg –> Brockville : 350 $
  • Kingston –> Montréal : 450 $
  • Montréal –> Québec : 375 $
  • Montréal –> Sherbrooke : 250 $
  • Lévis –> Rivière-du-Loup : 300 $
  • Montmagny –> Riivère-du-Loup : 225 $
  • Rivière-du-Loup –> Matane : 325 $
  • Lévis –> Rimouski : 450 $


Other services available