When I was 18, I found a simple way to travel and see other places. But I also learned a lot about myself. I remember fearing holding back the group at the start of my first bike trip. So I chose to go in front and control the speed. I was shocked to hear my three friends tell me to slow down. I was leaving them behind. When we were competing on bikes, I usually came in last. I thought I lacked the endurance to maintain a good pace for a long distance, but this experience showed me otherwise. This trip was an eye-opener for me. I discovered that a positive image of myself flourished and influenced my relationships with others.

Each bike trip helped me to understand myself better, to acknowledge my strengths and to discover my skills. For me, biking is also a way of meditating. I allow the feelings, positive or negative, to emerge in me and I experience the emotions they trigger to comprehend them better. On a bike ride, the beauty of the scenery, the bird’s song, the sweet scent of a ripe strawberry field, the wind on my skin bring me to the present moment.

To conclude, I would say that biking is more than just a way to get around. It is a way to explore and connect. It is a call to adventure, freedom, and beauty. I encourage you to try it. Go for it! Maybe you will find that it is not your thing, but at least, you will have tried. And, for the bike travel enthusiasts, I would love to hear what you have learned. Tell me how biking has helped you discover yourself and the world.

In 2024, I hope you will discover yourself, flourish, and marvel. I hope you will travel by bike and live fully!