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The canals from Morrisburg to Montreal

THE CANALS : An amazing bike trip that combines nature, culture and history! Explore the canals that line the St. Lawrence Seaway from Morrisburg to Montréal. We offer you a 5 or 6 day bike trip itinerary that takes you through diverse scenery, quaint towns and villages and several historic sites along the St. Lawrence […]

The St. Lawrence by bike

The St. Lawrence by Bike is a beautiful itinerary with service of 1300 km to discover from Toronto (Ontario) to Matane (Québec). Sometimes the panorama will dazzle you, sometimes it is the beauty of a town or a village that will suggest a stop. The St. Lawrence River is the story of the arrival, it […]

Québec - lévis - saint Laurent à vélo

From Toronto to Kingston

From Toronto to Kingston, follow the beautiful Waterfront Trail bike path that runs along the banks of Lake Ontario to the source of the St. Lawrence. Discover exotic landscapes that alternate between beaches, centuries-old cities, vineyards and microbreweries, and the unmissable Sandbanks. Information: Distance: 330 kilometers Follow the Waterfront Trail from Toronto to Kingston Click […]

From Kingston to Montreal

From Kingston to Montreal, the St. Lawrence River offers a wonderful cycling route through the Thousand Islands Park, which crosses the five canals: the Soulanges Canal, the very first lock canal in Canada, the Lachine Canal, the Bellevue and finally the old Beauharnois canal. Information: Distance: 330 kilometers Follow the Waterfront Trail fron Toronto to […]

From Montreal to Quebec

From Montréal to Québec, let yourself be transported by its picturesque landscapes, sometimes city, sometimes village and countryside. The historical richness of this ancestral course is only equaled by its panorama and its remarkable heritage. Starting in Berthierville, you will discover the Chemin du Roy, the first road built in the 18th century, linking Québec […]

From Quebec to Matane

Discover this route, which is both spectacular and captivating. It offers splendid viewpoints of the river and you’ll ride past some of the prettiest heritage villages. All along the route you’ll be able to discover and visit history filled places and picturesque villages some dating back three hundred years. Cycling on this road is ideal […]