Vue sur MontrealRidden and written by Mario Belley. I cycled the Chemin du Roy from Montreal to Quebec, a decade ago. I did this ride with my girlfriend at the time. A cycling tour which I have excellent memories! I remember the pleasant roads, the breathtaking landscapes, the beautiful encounters and all the pleasure that this cycling tour provided us with.

We parked the car at the train station since the return to Montreal was done by train. I must say that I particularly like this type of transportation because of its comfort and unique landscapes.

Sylvie - Vieux montrealOur trip began the first week of August. Overall, the temperature was to our advantage. Very little rain, a pleasant heat and the sun frequently accompanied us.

We had booked our nights in charming B&B’s. Today, the B&B’s we had stayed in are no longer active but others have taken their place. All along the route, wonderful B&B’s with charming hosts welcome you. They open their door to make you live beautiful moments. For the list, consult the Montreal – Quebec route.

Our bike ride had been segmented into 5 stages. If you choose this route, I recommend that you do it this way. The distances range from 40 to 60 km per day and you have plenty of time to take in the landscape, to admire a historic house or take a picture. Are you like me? Do you like to put your taste buds into action? Me, I must tell you yes! What do you want, I am an Epicurean. Do you like good coffee? At Deschambault, La Petite Brûlerie deserves a stop. Wine ? In Varennes, the Domaine du Fleuve vineyard and Neuville, the Domaines des 3 Moulins. For good bread or pastry, in Deschambault, the Boulangerie Le Soleil Levain and in Trois-Rivières, Nys Patisserie. Yum, yum !!! The list is long so to avoid overloading the text, I invite you to consult these savoury stops by clicking on the Montreal – Quebec route in our website.

Mario - Musée et vieille prisonIn Trois-Rivières, because of the many attractions, activities and restaurants available, we made the decision to stay one more day. One of the activities we greatly enjoyed was visiting the old prison. A guided tour of the prison world and based on the testimony of former detainees.

Our stay ended in Quebec. Since we were not on our first visit to this beautiful city, our stay was very short. Guess what we were looking for? Yes, a terrace and something to delight our taste buds. We left the same evening by train to Montreal. Note that not all trains allow bicycle on board. Check before booking.

Mario -DeschambaultIn short, I recommend the Montreal – Quebec route (Chemin du Roy), if you have never cycled it. It is safe despite the fact that you have to share the road with cars. Roads with higher traffic have a good shoulder and roads with less traffic forces drivers to reduce their speed. Just in Portneuf (2/3 of the way), the elevation is almost non-existent. In the last third your calves will be a little more solicited. You will have to climb two good hills. The number of accommodations and food services are well distributed along the route.

Today, thanks to the service we have put in place, you can travel light, hassle-free and safe. We offer luggage transport, shuttle service and bike rentals. We can help you plan your itinerary. Our services are available 7 days a week.

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Have a good bike ride!

Mario Belley