All the parents are wondering : what will this summer vacation be like ? Did you ever think of a cycling adventure ?

This year, I am going to discover a corner of my country

And why not by bike? This is an original way to spend your summer vacation while discovering the treasures of our regions. Also, the simple fact of changing your travel mode of transportation will allow the entire family to experience a new adventure with many advantages :

    • With new routes and perspective, you will rediscover the landscapes
    • The bike allows you to take the time to explore the surroundings. It’s so easy to stop, admire and go again.
    • You will enjoy the sun and the outdoors (and it feels really good after the busy schedule – school – work – daily activities)
    • You will rediscover the pleasures of being outside.
    • And the whole family is getting in shape while having fun !

Once on the road, you will surely find a thousand more reasons to enjoy cycling.

How to have a successful family cycling vacation ?

The first piece of advice for a successful family bike trip is above all not to put pressure on yourself.
Here are a few tips:

    • Plan short cycling days (e.g., a distance of about 20 to 40 KM) so as not to exhaust the children. You have to go at their pace.
    • Plan activities that will please to everyone. And good news, there are several activities along the bike routes (e.g., beach, museum, tourist attractions, farms).
    • Involve the kids in the planning: show them the maps so they can learn geography, give them a role in order to develop their autonomy… There are a thousand ways to bring pleasure into everyday life.

We give you a helping hand !We assist you

Voyager à vélo inc. would be please to help and suggest a personalized itinerary that would best suit your family, find accommodations with playgrounds and/or a swimming pools, suggest additional activities to vary from the bike a bit, find the best restaurants and cafes for nice breaks…

WWe’re also here to make it easier for you during your bike trip so you can travel light, happy and safely! We offer you luggage transport services from inn to inn, shuttle or conveying service as you prefer!

Want to go for a bike trip with your family in Quebec or Ontario? Contact us for more information.